Fuel and flare gas combustion measuring
The WIM COMPASTM process analyzer for measuring the Wobbe Index, heating Value (BTU) and the Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI).

Flare gas analysis
The WIM COMPASTM meets the new RSR regulation standards, it handles the measurement of high dew points or concentrations of corrosive elements, like H2S, with a response time of 30 seconds. Read More…

Natural gas and LNG blending control
Offering an unmatched combination of speed of response, accuracy, repeatability and availability, the WIM COMPASTM is the preferred instrument to optimize gas-blending stations. Read More…

Blast Furnace and cokes gas blending
Blast Furnace Gas (BFG) is produced in every steel plant, whereas Coke Oven Gas (COG) is available on site as well as it is being formed during the production of cokes. Read More…


H2S, H2O and CO2 analyzer with PA-TDL technology
The Hobré TISOMIC can simultaneously measure H2S, CO2 and H2O in gases. A low ppm range is achievable with a 10 cm path length resonator, without the use of multipass mirrors.

H2S and CO2 in amine absorbers
The H2S and CO2 removal from acid gasses is a widely used technology in gas and oil productions, refining, and petrochemical processes. Read More… 

H2S in multi-phase crude oil
Hobré Instruments has designed a complete sample solution, based on stripping the H2S from the liquid phase by use of a stripper column which allows H2S measurement in gaseous phase. Read More… 

H2S / H2O / CO2 in (natural) gas treatment
The TISOMIC is a proven and virtually maintenance free on-line process analyzer for sales gas applications. Read More… 

Efficiency, Safety, Sustainability

Intelligent design to power a lifetime of value


On-line elemental analysis in liquids.
The Hobré C-QUAND analyzer is for on-line elemental analysis in liquids, from ppm to percentage levels.

Pipeline monitoring (Total Sulphur measurement)
XRF is widely used for total sulfur analysis in petroleum products. Read More…

Catalyst monitoring for PTA and PIA plants
Continuous measurement of the Co-Mn acetate and tetrabromo-ethane catalyst in PTA production enables better control of the process thus enhancing yields, improving product quality and increasing throughput. Read More… 

Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, S, Cl, As, Mo & PGM in metal refining
XRF analysis is the method of choice to monitor complex metal mixtures in solution as XRF measures at atomic level, so independent of the oxidation state or metal complex. Read More… 


H2O and CO Measurement in the Food and Pharmaceutical industries
The safety and efficiency of spray drying has become increasingly important for manufacturers operating in the food and pharmaceutical industries due to increasing demand, energy prices, and environmental requirements.

CO detection in dairy products
Our CO detection system controls the process conditions of milk powder drying industries, to prevent powder from smoldering… Read More… 

H2O moisture measurement in dairy products
The moisture content of the dairy product affects the quality of the powder, which can lead to unwanted Maillard reactions during the drying process. Read More… 

CO detection in the pharmaceutical industry
CO detection is of high priority as there are tight requirements for quality control during the processing of medicines and other pharmaceutical products… Read More… 

Our global service organization

Ready to support your equipment throughout the product’s lifetime.
Our Services include a wide variety of deliverables, from basic re-active Service, to an all-inclusive customized Service offering that meets the needs to support the most demanding applications, wherever they are installed.

Read more…

Commissioning Preventive and Corrective Field Services
We have a dedicated Global Team of highly trained & skilled professionals, with the majority of our techs and all ready to work globally.

Spare parts
Hobré holds an extensive stock of Spare Parts. The stock consists of the typical spare parts required to maximize unit availability.

Maintenance contracts
Hobré offers the ability for a Maintenance contract for their Hobré equipment. As each customers requirements differ we have structured it flexible to meet your specific situation.

Insurance program
Hobré ’s insurance program is designed to help customers reduce overall life cycle costs and provide a low cost method for maintaining unit availability.


July 2, 2019

Digital Design stage: Ontwerpen van een Centre of Excellence

Ben jij Digital savvy, op zoek naar digitale oplossingen waar gebruikers blij van worden? Zijn techniek en design belangrijk voor je en ben je nieuwsgierig naar hoe de lijnen lopen in een organisatie? Dan maken we graag kennis met je want dan heb Jij de kwaliteiten waar wij blij van worden. Lees hier meer over de vacature!


January 25, 2019

International Service Engineer (fulltime)

We believe it is important that your knowledge level is always the highest in our market, by internal and external training. You like to travel and do not mind being away from home longer than a week. You are a driven technician, who is flexible enough to independently resolve complex issues in the field…. Read more…


January 20, 2019

Field Service Engineer (USA)

Hobré USA is looking for Field Service Engineers for our service activities in the USA and Canada. Our Houston based team is growing due to the high demand of our products and services. Are you the one who fits in our team and is prepared to join us in our efforts to grow our business…Read more…



Control humidity in spray dryers

An independent associate in the food and powder industry makes a case study about our HICOSYS system. Independent tests about the effect of humidity measurement and carbon monoxide detection on process efficiency… Read More…


Release C-QUAND: online elemental analysis

Hobré expands its analyzer expertise with the launch of their latest on-line XRF analyzer, for elemental analysis in liquids, the C-QUAND. Read more…

News & Media

31 July – 2 August

Hobré at Gas Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia 2019

On day 2 of the Gas Indonesia conference our sales manager Dirk-Jan Ruijter for Asia will give a presentation about a novel approach to radically reduce your off-quality cost and your quality correction cost in gas processing with on-line gas quality measurement.

Gas processing uses reactive chemicals to remove components such as H2O, H2S and CO2.

Carry-over of these reactive chemicals like MEA, DEA, Scavengers, MEG, TEG, Sulfinol solvent, ZnO and Molsieve from process into the sample conditioning system of your process analyzers, results in delayed response time: from minutes up to hours or days. Such slow response times lead to excessive chemical cost and off-spec products. Read more…….

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