The WIM COMPAS™ for high H2 fluctuations in flares

Before January 30, 2019, the owner of a flare shall meet the requirements as specified in EPA Refinery Sector Rule (RSR) 40 CFR 63.670 (USA). According to the regulation, flares must maintain a minimum combustion zone Net Heating Value (NHV) of 270 BTU/scf. This measurement can be done by Components monitoring (Gas Chromatograph) or BTU measurement (Calorimeter; e.g. WIM COMPASTM).

Preferred technology for high H2 fluctuations

The Hobré WIM COMPASTM  for flare gas analysis and recovery is the preferred technology at supermajor refineries because of its proven track record in challenging applications. The BTU analyzer can handle applications with high H2 fluctuations (0-100 mol%) and non-combustibles such as N2, CO2. Optionally the WIM COMPAS™ can directly measure the H2 concentration of flare gas, in accordance with 40 CFR 63.670 section J. The integrated H2 measurement enables the operator to use the so called “H2 credit” to increase the BTU of the flare vent gas directly. This will improve compliance even more and allow customers to save on assist gas.

The WIM COMPAS™ F can be heated till 55°C (131°F) as a standard. By using the High Temperature (HT) version the WIM COMPAS™ F can be kept above dew point of the gas (max. 150°C/300°F). This flare gas measurement BTU analyzer makes the WIM COMPAS™ F the ultimate tool to meet compliance and optimize natural gas blending. With our BTU analyzer you will be guaranteed of the legislation of the EPA refinery sector rule (RSR), CRF 63.670 and 63.671 of Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act.


Optimize natural gas blending against minimum installation and maintenance costs

The WIM COMPAS™ offers an unmatched combination of response time, availability, accuracy and robustness, which enables users to comply with industry regulations, and optimize natural gas blending against minimum installation and maintenance costs. In the past months we have installed a large number of WIM COMPAS™ High Temperature injection units for these applications.


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