Physical property analyzers

Icon Scientific

  • Measurement of cloud point, flash point, vapor pressure, color and opacity, freezing point, pour point and viscosity.


Analyzers of trace H2S and total S in gases

Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc.

  • Analysis of low ppb and ppm levels in catalyst protection applications such as the production of ammonia, methanol, GTL, etc.
  • Measurement of low ppb and ppm levels in hydrogen plants
  • Analysis of low ppb and ppm levels in CO2 cleaning
  • Measurement of low ppb and ppm levels in natural gas applications

H2S / SO2 full spectrum UV analyzers in sulfur recovery units (SRUs)

Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc.

  • Measurement of tail gas ratio
  • Sulfur pit metering
  • Analysis of feed gas to SRU


PUVF-method-based total sulfur analyzers

Thermo ScientificTM

  • Low ppm S analysis in liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Analysis of ppb S levels in reforming and isomerization
  • Total S measurement in flare gas

Automatic and manual sampling systems and components

Sentry® Equipment Corp.

  • All type of process gas, liquid, slurry and liquefied gases
  • Hygienic sampling of powders and liquids in food and beverages
  • Boiler water and steam sampling and analysis
  • Sampling from coolers and heat exchangers
  • Sampling from odorization systems
  • Removable corrosion coupon holders for internal corrosion assessment
  • Removable atomizers and injection quills for chemical applications
  • Removable sampling quills for process sampling