Hobré product launch: C-QUAND

On-line analyzer solution for element identification and quantification in liquids

Hobré expands its analyzer expertise with the launch of their latest on-line XRF analyzer, for elemental analysis in liquids, the C-QUAND.

To provide our customers with the best analyzer solutions, we continuously evolve our organization and our product portfolio. Long term experience with our C-100 analyzer resulted in the launch of our latest on-line XRF-analyzer, the C-QUAND (an analyzer for elemental analysis in liquids, such as total Sulphur in fuels). By closely monitoring the Sulphur content fuel blending can be made more efficient. The C-QUAND is also capable of identifying multiple elements, such as Copper, Iron, Nickel, Molybdenum, Vanadium  Tungsten and all PMG’s in metal recycling/refining or Cobalt, Bromine and Manganese in PTA (purified terephthalic acid) synthesis. From low ppm range up to the percentage range.

“With the C-QUAND we offer our customers a reliable on-line process analyzer, with a wide range of applications”, says Etienne Hunt, Product Manager.

The ideal on-line solution for elemental analysis in liquids

The analyzer is an ideal on-line solution for elemental analysis in liquids and suitable for many industries, including mining, (precious) metal refining, hydrometallurgical metal recycling, chemistry, steel, food, and pharmaceuticals. The instrument allows users to monitor and control their process in real-time, improving yield, product quality as well as safety and in addition it supports compliance with stringent environmental regulations.


One analyzer for multiple liquid streams

The analyzer is continuous, non-destructive, and low maintenance without the need for additional reagents. It can measure up to 15 elements at the same time and has a built-in stream switching capability, therefore one analyzer can be used to measure multiple liquid streams. The instrument features a heated sample cell to handle more viscous samples and measures at process temperature. Both the sampling system and analyzer wetted parts can be made acid resistant. The Hobré C-QUAND is a robust product fit for harsh process environments and can be fully integrated in process monitoring and control.


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