Hobré at 62nd ISA Analysis Symposium 2017 in Pasadena

Hobré will participate at the 62nd ISA Symposium Division Analysis 2017! This year the show will be held in the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena California. This 62nd annual symposium event features expert presentations and speakers, valuable training courses, an informative technology forum and exhibition, and a wide range of fun-filled social networking events. We will participate with our own exhibition place, booth number 208, and Mr. G. Folmer will provide an expert presentation about “The need for better sample conditioning systems”.

2nd generation Hobré TDL analyzer will be introduced at the ISA show

The TISOMIC is the improved 2nd generation on-line TDL analyzer with state of the art electronics! The TISOMIC, on-line TDL analyzer with photo acoustics, is a proven and virtually maintenance-free online process analyzer used in a wide variety of applications and monitor levels at all stages. The on-line TDL analyzer can simultaneously measure H2S, CO2 and H2O in gases.

The TISOMIC offers a combination of features not available in any other analyzer on the market. Typical applications of the TISOMIC starts from “H2S in Multi-phase crude oil” down to “H2S / H2O / CO2 in sales gas and pipeline monitoring. With close to zero maintenance, combined with absence of moving parts, ensures high availability.

The TISOMIC On-line TDL analyzer will be present at the ISA show at our booth number 208. For more information, please contact us via: infoUSA@hobre.com or call +1 (832) 234 4039.

April 26th – Expert presentation: “The need for better sample conditioning systems”

At April 26th 01:15 PM local time, Mr. G. Folmer will present an expert presentation about Hobré’s HIFISC: “an innovative sample conditioning tool, to achieve reliable sub ppm moisture reading in minutes, instead of days.”

Anyone experienced with trace moisture analyzers on critical drying processes will experience the process challenge to get to the low levels, and the problems associated with the measurement of such trace gases.  The market is offering good analytical technologies to measure moisture at the ppb and low ppm levels with seconds or minute’s response time.

In real life it may take days to achieve a good reading, and this comes along with the key questions: Is the performance problem in the process or in the analyzer system. To identify the problem a fast responding sample conditioning system is needed, with a a minimum leakage risk.

The HISISC sample conditioning system combines several innovative elements with the net result that reliable and accurate readings can be achieved within minutes instead of days with the conventional approach .

This sample conditioning design comes as a standard with other benefits:

  • 90 % or more reduction in  venting and flaring form the analyzer system
  • Reductions in installation cost.
  • Flow Impact probe sample take of assembly complies with Piping Specifications
  • Reduction in maintenance on contaminated streams on sampling system and most analyzers.

The system can be used with any type of ( Close Coupled)  extractive process analyzers . The presentation will explain the functionality of the system with guidelines on the implementation. Use of Flow Impact Probe for manual sampling will be included.
The system is suitable for gas and liquefies gas streams.

Read more about the HIFISC product specifications>>>

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