31 July – 3 August 2019 : Hobré speaks at Gas Indonesia 2019

On day 2 of the Gas Indonesia conference our sales manager Dirk-Jan Ruijter for Asia will give a presentation about a novel approach to radically reduce your off-quality cost and your quality correction cost in gas processing with on-line gas quality measurement.

Gas processing uses reactive chemicals to remove components such as H2O, H2S and CO2.

Carry-over of these reactive chemicals like MEA, DEA, Scavengers, MEG, TEG, Sulfinol solvent, ZnO and Molsieve from process into the sample conditioning system of your process analyzers, results in delayed response time: from minutes up to hours or days. Such slow response times lead to excessive chemical cost and off-spec products.

This paper describes a novel approach to make measuring systems, sampling and on-line analyzers effective for the control of gas processing. The solution consists of a series of uniquely designed elements, which together yield a net result of reliable quality data to control systems.

The system comprises double block and bleed process isolation valves for safe operation and maintenance, a process induced gas circulation loop, loop mounted (chemical) carry-over removal, zero dead volume sample transport to the analyzer and a robust analyzer system for trace H2S, moisture and percent level CO2 measurement.

With this design, emission to the atmosphere and flare is typically reduced with over 90% and the overall response time of the system decreases to within minutes.

The process uptime can be significantly increased by earlier production start when moisture, CO2 or H2S levels come within specification.

For Molsieve regeneration a fast responding system can be used to optimize the time between regeneration of the dryers, thus saving energy and extending the life time of the Molsieve beds.

The system has a modular design, in which all the sample wetted parts are kept at or above the dew point of the gas. The Phase Diagram of the process gas is typically used as the basis of the temperature setting in the system. A design for LPG applications will be part of the paper.

We hope to welcome you at day 2 at the Gas Indonesia conference.

If you are interested in further information about this presentation, please contact us at info@hobre.com


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