Control over variations in ambient air humidity in spray dryers

Humidity can have a major influence on the safety and efficiency of powder drying, which can be improved with constant in-line moisture measurement. Uncontrolled process conditions can cause the product to coagulate and form lumps. Coagulated products are exposed to an increased residence time, which can cause degenerating smoldering reactions, creating a significant risk of fire and explosion. To combat this, Hobré has developed a humidity and carbon monoxide analyzer which improves the efficiency and safety of the spray drying process.


A reliable case study of the HICOSYS

One of our business cases about “Spray drying and variations in ambient air humidity” has lead us to commission a test of our system by an independent associate in the food and powder industry. A leading company in contract research for better food and health, is testing the effect of humidity measurement and carbon monoxide detection on process efficiency and the quality of the end product.


“With the moisture and carbon monoxide analyzer, the HICOSYS, we guarantee our customers a safe and efficient powder drying process with the latest technologies to ensure low operational costs.”

Moisture effects performance of spray dryers

One of our business cases deals with the influence of natural variations in the moisture content of ambient air on the performance of spray dryers for milk products. Research has shown that the effect is substantial. Until now, there have been limited methods to compensate for these variations. A proper control system can be created, however, if the moisture content of the spray dryer’s outlet air is monitored continuously. Substantial economic savings are possible with such automated control systems. The recent introduction of a more accurate, laser-driven analyzer – combined with a proper sampling system for handling powder-containing air streams – is a promising development.

The (dated) business case has lead us to commission independent tests. The case study will provide an independent opinion about the improvements our analyzers provide during the milk powder drying process. The case study consists of a simulation where powder is being dried and regulated due to its air conditions and humidity, while being monitored via in-line moisture measurement with our HICOSYS analyzer.


Reporting positive results

At the moment, the tests are still in progress and all interim results look good. When the tests are completed, a case study will be published and communicated via our and the associated company’s channels. We expect to inform you by the end of September 2017. Stay updated via this page or our LinkedIn business page.

More information? Please contact our product manager Sieuwert Kramer via Or call our office at +31(0)299 420 871.

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