In Northwestern Europe we act as a distributor for process analyzers. Hobré can supply customers with all support required to implement and operate these analyzers.

Applications covered

  • Measurement of trace H2S and S in gases and liquids based on lead acetate technology
  • Measurement of H2S and SO2 by UV spectroscopy in SRU plants
  • Physical property analysis
  • Analysis of water cut and separator profile metering
  • Oil in water analysis
  • Measurement of total S in gases and liquids by the PUVF method
  • Heating value gas chromatography
  • Process sampling
  • Measurement of trace H2S and S in gases and liquids based on lead acetate technology

Lead acetate technology is a very specific and sensitive method of H2S and S analysis at levels as low as ppm and ppb. Typical applications include catalyst protection at ppb levels of H2S and S.

  • Measurement of H2S and SO2 by UV spectroscopy in SRU plants

The 943-TGX product range covers tail gas (air demand), sulfur pit and feed gas H2S and SO2 measurements in SRU plants. For the tail gas and sulfur pit applications these analyzers have a proven sample handling system, in which all sulfur carried over from the process is returned to the process in a controlled way. The net effect is that these analyzers do not get clogged up, even under process upset conditions.

  • Physical property analysis

Icon manufactures a range of physical property analyzers for refinery and oil production optimization. Applications include measurement of cloud, freezing and pour points; measurement of Reid and true vapor pressures; and distillation, flash and color measurement. All analyzers have a standard EExd enclosure, one state-of-the-art electronics platform and a user-friendly touch-screen interface. By implementing industry maintenance, improvements are fed back into the design of the instruments, and outstanding performance within the major oil companies is assured.

To measure the properties of gasoline accurately after 5 or 10% ethanol injection, an accurate mixing system is available to add ethanol to the produced gasoline before online analysis.

  • Oil in water analysis

Mirmorax is the producer of robust and highly accurate inline sand and oil-in-water (OiW) analyzers.

The new Mirmorax OiW analyzer is a third-generation ultrasonic analyzer. Model LR2500 has been specially developed to accurately monitor 0–2500 ppm oil, while model HR25000 is suitable for ranges up to 25000 ppm oil.

Benefits of the Mirmorax OiW monitor include:

  • Auto-calibration with a backup cleaning mechanism
  • Measurement of oil particles content insensitive to oil type (no effect of aromatics content as with UV method)
  • Operating pressure up to 700 bar(g). By contrast, ultrasonic cleaning of UV technology does not work properly at high pressure
  • Virtually insensitive to contamination
  • Measuring range from low ppm up to 25,000 ppm
  • Double-sealed design: in case of leakage, no vital electronic parts are exposed to the produced water
  • ATEX and IECEx versions available
  • No interference of MEG
  • Inline measurement means no need for sample systems. Minimum maintenance
  • Measurement of total S in gases and liquids by the PUVF method

The SOLA II Sulfur Online Analyzer is suitable for total S measurement in gases and liquids. The minimum range is 0–2 ppm. This technology is ideal for ppb and low ppm S analysis in petroleum products and gases, for product compliance applications as well as catalyst protection applications.

  • Heating value gas chromatography

The Azbil (formerly known as Yamatake) HGC303 is specifically designed for custody transfer, quality control and other natural gas applications. It can be easily mounted with a sampling system in the field. The analyzer has compact packaging and is certified for ISSep/ATEX and Class 1 Division 1 (FM approval) hazardous areas. Note that no analyzer housing is required.

Analysis of natural gas components

The Azbil HGC303 is capable of analyzing 11 different components of natural gas according to ISO 6974, as well as parameters such as calorific value, the Wobbe Index or density. The calorific value calculation method is according to ISO 6976 or GPA 2172. Its pre-engineered analysis and calculations mean no additional programming is required.

Communication and data management

The Azbil HFA100 is a fieldbus adaptor that can be used to connect the analyzer to a (portable) PC. By doing this, users can easily configure, monitor and maintain the analyzer from a PC. Furthermore, the Azbil HDM303 data manager can be added, which enables functions such as Modbus, analog outputs, relay outputs and multi-stream switching.

  • Process sampling

Sentry® provides high-quality and reliable automatic samplers suitable for viscous and abrasive materials, as well as sampling panels for liquids and gases that are tailored for high-pressure steam sampling and condensate sampling for online analysis.

    • Steam / water sampling
    • Liquid sampling
    • Bulk solid and powder sampling
    • Gas sampling
    • Slurry sampling
    • Specialty heat exchangers
    • Sample coolers