Covering a wide range of applications

Selecting the best available technology for a specific application in combination with a suitable sample conditioning and calibration system is the base for the succesful implementation of a process analyzer.

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Each industry has a wide variety of application needs. Needs such as continuous process measurement within the oil and gas industry, analysis of molecules in oil, gas and water, lower energy consumption or increase process streams. As well separation & purification processes in metal recycling and refining to stay compliant, fits Hobré’s standards. Hobré is a worldwide market leader of on-line process analyzers. We consult and advice our customers for the best suitable application, to increase your process efficiency, product quality and reduce operational costs.

Search by Measurement

Since 1978, Hobré is a continuous innovating organization. We provide measurement principles that provide stable readings of moisture and H2S in gasses, or the Wobbe Index, CARI, Heating Value, BTU in flare and fuel gas. Our newest uniqu PA-TDL technology measures continuous H2S, CO2 and H2O in gas streams, and our XRF technology can measure up to 15 elements in oil by one single analyzer. As well we provide a successful analysis for the safety & efficiency in powder drying processes…

Applications by distributed products

Hobré distributes as well physical property analyzers, analyzers to trace H2S and total S in gases or PUVF method-based for total sulfur analysis. Especially for a Hobré total solution package, we work together with certified partners to fit your best application needs.

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