Start of Hobré Instruments

Hobré Instruments was founded by Mr. Breedveld. It all started at the “Van IJsendijkstraat” in Purmerend. With only 6 employees, Hobré was mainly active in the (petro) chemical industry as a distributor of online analyzers and sampling solutions.


The first Hobré analyzer!

A joint development with Gasunie NV resulted in building the fastest and most accurate Wobbe analyzer in the market.



A joint development with Dutch dairy research institute NIZO resulted in the launch of the first NICOSYS smouldering detection system, for milk powder drying plants.


The WIM 9600 Cenelec

Launch of the WIM 9600 Cenelec (now ATEX) certified Wobbe Index analyzer, suitable for outdoor installation in hazardous area.


The WIM 9900

Launch of the WIM 9900, which has been successful for 10 years.


Relocating to a bigger property

In the beginning of the year 2000 Hobré has grown so much that another location was necessary. Hobré moved to Netwerk 4 in Purmerend. A new building that is still our headquarters.


ISO 9001

Hobré Instruments received the ISO 9001 certification.


Mr. Breedveld

Mr. Breedveld, founder of Hobré Instruments, passed away at the 4th of January 2006.


Acquisition of the on-line XRF Analyzer

The Metorex on-line XRF analyzer was acquired from Oxford Instruments. Hobré was already distributing the product worldwide for more than 10 years.

As Oxford Instruments is focussed on the laboratory market, selling the product to Hobre Instruments for new markets was a logical move.


Introduction of the HILASE

In 2008 Hobré started cooperating with the Hilase Company, spin-off from the University of Szeged in Hungary.


The launch of two advanced products


Introduction of the first Hobré HILASE Analyzer, with Photo Acoustic Measurement by TDL. H2S, H2O and CO process analyzer for liquid and gas streams.


Introduction of the WIM COMPAS analyzer. An improved version of the excited WIM series with a new branded name.
The new analyzer capabilities and applications, has lead us to a new name; the WIM COMPAS. Including an injection version for high sulphur and high dewpoint samples.


Hobré for sale

In 2011 Hobré was taken over by an acquisition company called Parcom.



Launch of the HICOSYS, H2O Analyzer and CO detection system for spray drying installations.

The additions on this analyzer in comparing to the NICOSYS have been made to not only analyze the CO rates for safety, but as well to improve the spray dryer process efficiency by measuring the absolute humidity in the drying process, by one and the same analyzer.


Starting something new

Hobré Laser Technology – Hobré HILASE

Hobré bought HLT from the Hilase Company in Hungary. Hobré Laser Technology was born, with its own R&D location for the HILASE analyzer.

New Acquisition company AAC

Hobré was sold to a new acquisition company called AAC.


A new CEO

J.M. Kok retires as CEO of Hobré Instruments B.V. after 39 years of involvement in Hobré. In December 2015, Mr. M. de Leeuw became CEO of Hobré Instruments.


New H2S, H2O & CO2 process analyzer: TISOMIC

Since HILASE was a bought product and not yet branded by Hobré, we introduced the successor of the HILASE: the TISOMIC.

Hobré expands to the USA

In 2016 Hobré opened an office in the USA for Sales and Service. Stephan Zuijdendorp became the General Manager of Hobré USA Inc.


New on-line XRF analyzer for elemental analysis in liquids: C-QUAND

Our first Hobré XRF analyzer, the Metorex C100 was not yet branded by Hobré, we introduced the successor of the Metorex C100: The Hobré on-line XRF analyzer for elemental analysis in liquids, the C-QUAND.

Hobré USA relocated

The Hobré USA team relocated to a new and bigger location in Houston, address 1400 N. Sam Houston Parkway E. Suite 158.